This is TQSplit version 0.4

Copyright (c) 2003 Matthias Janes.
All rights reserved.


* run_time_python_files:

For info on Copyright and License for the run_time_python_files please read the
LICENSE_run_time_python_files.txt in the run_time_python_files folder.

License information

See the file "GNU_GENERAL_PUBLIC_LICENSE.html" for information on License,
terms & conditions for usage, and a DISCLAIMER OF ALL

Get the source-code

The source code is at the Projects-Page at Sourceforge .

Get fresh copy from CVS:
There might be features available in the CVS that are not available in the releases.
On the other hand the CVS version might not even compile.

What's new in this release?

No new features - just code cleanup.

General Apps information

TQJsplit is a Python application with an Web-Base GUI Interface
to split a large file into pieces and to join the pieces back into the original file.

To Start the Application please start in the Root Folder: start_TQJSplit.bat
The splitted Files will be in a subfolder of the 'SplitFiles' folder.

It is developt for a screen resolution 1024x786Pixel

IMPORTANT: Your installation path may NOT contain any names with space!

_Example ERROR: "F:\FILE Ripper TQ\TQCdRipCompress\"  This will not work.
_Example OKAY: "F:\FILE_Ripper_TQ\TQCdRipCompress\"  This will work.

Trouble shooting

History information

-->>: New Release: 01-July-2003 Version 0.4 :<<--
* Fri June 13 2003 Matthias Janes 
- code cleanup
- update run_time_python_files tp version Python-2.3b2
- solved error in *.Join.bat file

-->>: New Release: 13-June-2003 Version 0.3 :<<--
* Fri June 13 2003 Matthias Janes 
- code cleanup

-->>: First Binary download release: 13-June-2003 Version 0.2 :<<--
* Thu June 12 2003 Matthias Janes 
- delete of the file
- added the PyModulesDirs
- added absolutDirs to the beginning of
the and
- added the python_files folder with the necessary python files to run

-->>: Initial release date: 30-May-2003 Version 0.1 :<<--
* Fri May 30 2003 Matthias Janes 
- clean up of the Basic Web-based Gui
- TQJSplit Project Homepage
* Thu May 29 2003 Matthias Janes 
- added Feature: Basic Web-based Gui
* Fri May 28 2003 Matthias Janes 
- First Python scripts

-->>: Pre-release date: 01-March-2001 :<<--
* Thu Mar 01 2001 Matthias Janes 
- Started as a Java Idea

That's all, folks!

--Matthias Janes Logo